1 Click Minecraft Modpack’s Supported

This page will always have the latest selection of Minecraft  modpacks for (1) one click easy installations we support. This feature was founded by our MSD DEV Team on November 26, 2012.

For MOST modpacks, we advise you to have a minimum of  1 GB plan to run well. Many Technic Platform and Feed The Beast modpacks are very RAM intensive, so higher plans are encouraged for optimum performance 1.5GB, 2GB and above Minecraft Servers plans will be optimal to run Minecraft Forge and all the modpacks we offer.

This service is available as part of our FREE and UNIQUE Minecraft Server Portal utility this service available to all Server Owners and included with every Minecraft server for FREE.

Here is the latest selection of 78 modpacks available in our (1) One Click Auto Modpack Installer made just for you:


CraftBukkit Stable, CraftBukkit Beta Build, CraftBukkit Developer Build, Tekkit, Tekkit Lite, Vanilla, Voltz, Including all this Mod Packs for Feed The Beast Direwolf20 Pack, MindCrack Pack, Magic World, Universal Electricity, Feed The Beast Beta Pack

  1. Aetheric Crusade
  2. Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest
  3. Ampz
  4. Attack of the B Team
  5. Big Dig
  6. BloodNBones
  7. BungeeCord
  8. BusinessElite
  9. ChaosVille
  10. CraftBukkit Beta
  11. CraftBukkit Developer
  12. CraftBukkit Stable
  13. CrazyCraft
  14. DNSTech Pack
  15. Direwolf20
  16. Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
  17. Direwolf20 1.5
  18. Divine RPG Enhanced
  19. Don't East the STONE!
  20. Electricians Journey
  21. Feed The Beast
  22. Feed The Beast Lite
  23. Feed The Beast Lite 2
  24. Feed The Beast Retro SMP
  25. Feed The Beast Ultimate
  26. Feed The Beast Unhinged
  27. Feed The Beast Unleashed
  28. Fellowship Medieval v1.0
  29. Fellowship Medieval v2.0
  30. FnD War Pack
  31. FnD War Pack
  32. From The Darkness
  33. Hexxit
  34. High Voltage
  35. Horizons
  36. Infamy Modern Warfare
  37. Infinix
  38. JurassicCraft
  39. Lapito's Galacticraft
  40. MCPC Legacy (1.4.7)
  41. MCPC Plus (1.6.4)
  42. MCPC Plus (1.7.2)
  43. MCPC Plus Legacy (1.5.2)
  44. Magic Farm 2
  45. Magic World
  46. Magic World 2
  47. Mc-Reborn
  48. Mind Crack
  49. MineTek
  50. Monster
  51. MoonQuest
  52. New World Mod Pack
  53. Pixelmon
  54. Pocketmine
  55. PokePack
  56. RPG Immersion
  57. Resonant Rise
  58. Silvania: Ultimatum
  59. Sizzlecraft
  60. Sky Factory
  61. Slow's Stream
  62. Spigot
  63. Tech World
  64. Tech World 2
  65. Tekkit
  66. Tekkit Classic
  67. Tekkit Lite
  68. The MadPack
  69. Treeit
  70. Twilight
  71. Vanilla
  72. Vanilla Overhaul
  73. Vanilla Snapshot
  74. Voids Wrath
  75. Voltz
  76. YogCraft Modpack
  77. Yogpack Extreme
  78. [TECHNIC] Magician's Cookbook


*** We allow you to upload your own .jar as well.


**To All Modpack Authors, Modders, Coders and Creators please be aware we offer to all our clients via our system easy installation and download of modpacks at no extra charge FREE = Free to all our clients!






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