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Our unique code allows you to switch between 164+ modpacks via our exclusive self-service automated (1) one click modpack installer. We are the leaders, Pioneers & Inventors of the 1 click modpack installer and have been providing safe, secure and affordable Minecraft Hosting since 2012.

24/7/365 Gamer Support Ticket System

  • Free Subdomain

    Dont worry we offer free subdomain with all our Premium Minecraft Plans


  • Free IP

    Free Ip is included with all our premium packages. In the event you need more IP’s for your Network contact us we always can help.

  • Root Access

    All our premium services come with access to Root/SSH/SFTP/FTP. This makes easier the managment of your minecraft server.

  • 24/7 Support

    We do offer around the clock support for our minecrafter just open a ticket and one of our support team members will answer you. NO-STRESS Ticket zone.

  • Low Latency Networks

    Since we started hosting Minecraft servers in 2012 we always been able to provide our Minecraft Player Base a low ping to all our global clients in US & Europe. All our networks are tier 1 providers ensuring a excellent enviroment for your players

  • DDOS Protection

    All our premium plans come with basic DDOS mitigation. Our engineers in our Data center keep the traffic clean for you. We have also more robust DDOS mitigation in case is needed.

  • Enterprise Hardware

    All our Minecraft Nodes are equipped with the best enterprise hardware possible with out affecting your wallet

  • SSD Storage

    All our Minecraft Server Nodes are equipped with SSD Drives for better dependable and reliable minecraft hosting

  • Modpack Installer

    We are the pioneers and original inventors of the modpack installer. Our unique code allows you to install between 159+ modpacks.


  • We have three (3) excellent control panels to choose from!

  • multicraft

    Multicraft Control Panel

    We offer Multicraft Control Panel

    with all our Minecraft hosting plans.

    *Excellent Control Panel*

    *MSD Recommended*

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  • mcmyadmin

    McMyAdmin Control Panel

    We are approved McMyAdmin 2

    Enterprise Provider.

    *Recommended by MSD*

    Order McMyAdmin Hosting

  • spacebukkit

    SpaceBukkit Control Panel

    Spacebukkit is a Open source

    Admin Control Panel


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  • M.V.D.S
    CraftBukkit Hosting
    FTB Hosting
    DNS Techpack Hosting

    Intel Logo

    MVDS – Minecraft Virtual Dedicated Servers – All dedicated resources to your MVDS like SSD (Solid State drives) and our selection of E-3 Xeon family of processors. Rest assured that your server will always be Premium high-end-configured for Minecraft and always providing you top performance connection from our data centers in New York, Texas and United Kingdom. We always recommend this solid top tier performance product to medium size and large  Minecraft server Modded communities.

    8GB RAM @ $79.00 per month 2 ips, 30 GB SSD

    16GB RAM@ $139.00 per month 3 ips, 60GB SSD

    24GB RAM@$189.00 per month- 4 ips, 90GB SSD

    32 GB RAM@$249.00 per month – 5 ips, 120GB SSD

    You always can add more resources like Ram, SSD and more IP’s for your Minecraft Virtual Dedicated Server.

    To Order Please contact SALES DEPARTMENT via Ticket




    What is the difference between Bukkit and CraftBukkit?

    Bukkit is the developer API, while CraftBukkit is a mod for the official Minecraft server that implements the Bukkit API.

    Basically, Bukkit is what plugin developers work with to bring you those cool, new features that make your server awesome.


    Feed The Beast?

    Feed the Beast, also known as FTB, originated as a custom challenge map in Minecraft that made heavy use of multiple tech mods. Developed by a team led by Slowpoke and announced on February 24, 2012 on the Minecraft Forums the map quickly became known as one of the more challenging maps and inspired several derivatives.

    Slowpoke announced the creation of a new mod pack on August 13th, 2012 with a post on the Minecraft Forumsthat was inspired by the Feed the Beast map and it’s mods.

    If you need some starting guidance be sure to check out the Official FTB Wiki for help or just open a ticket we are here to help you out!







    We are the official sponsor for DNS Techpack!

    DNS Techpack is a large collection of mods for the sandbox game Minecraft. It is designed for one-click installation of a number of mods; you could install them all maually yourself but it would take a very long time and probably not work. It contains mostly Technical mods such as IndustrialCraft and Redpower. A client and server are both avaliable and DNS is usually very up to date with the current version of Minecraft.

    Quote from the official website:

    “DNS is a modpack that uses mostly technical type mods and a few others thrown in for fun. But why, you say, another modpack? Well good question. Most modpacks are groups of mods that the creator of the modpack likes, so with each modpack you get a slightly different grouping of mods. That’s one reason and the fact that we have been doing this for a while and enjoy it. This pack is made for those people that just seem to have issues getting everything installed and running together. If you have the ability to install these mods then by all means go to the mod authors threads and download them and do it yourself.”